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Visitors can play

The club is now open to non-members to book a court and play. To book a court please contact:


For details of costs and playing requirements - see 'Book a Court



Hithercroft Squash and Racket Ball Club is situated on the outskirts of Wallingford in Oxfordshire. We are part of Wallingford Sports Park where tennis, rugby and many other sports are played. If you like playing squash for fun or competitively and would like to become a member  or just play an occasional game of squash then we'd love to hear from you.

We are a members club, but allow visitors to play as long as club rules are complied with (see Membership).  We cater for all levels of experience and involvement; from casual off peak membership to team squash. If you want to join the club, please email Hithercroftsquash@gmail.com. 

Team squash (with two or three teams) takes place throughout the year and competes in the Oxfordshire league. If you want to play in a team, please contact the club at  Hithercroftsquash@gmail.com. 

Box leagues: The club does not currently operate a box league system, but this is planned to start in October 2022.

Club Night: This is on Monday nights at 7:30. Non-members pay £5 per visit and members pay £3. 

The Courts

We have 3 courts, one of which is glass-backed and all are in good condition. We mainly play squash, but we also encourage people to play Racket Ball and we also have Table Tennis table and equipment. One court is a glass back with high quality LED lighting with the best viewing gallery in Oxfordshire.  

The club has a web based court booking system and there is a link to this in Book a court. Courts can be booked up to a week in advance. Other members can be contacted for games using the booking system.  

The Teams

Home Team matches in the Oxfordshire leagues regularly take place on Tuesdays  and Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm depending on the fixture schedule. 


The standard ranges widely so there is definitely a place for someone wanting to experience competitive squash. 

Club Night 

We have a Club Night on Monday evenings 7:30pm till 9:30pm for all members, prospective members and visitors. It's a great way to meet and get to know other members as well as improve your game by playing more experienced people. Everyone is expected to mix around to get a range of playing experience and learn from those that are better. 

A fee is paid when you arrive at club night:  £5 for Non Members and £3 for Members. 

Come and join us!

Whether you play for fun or competitively - you are welcome.