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Book your court


The button links to the site for booking courts. You can book any number of courts up to a week ahead. Please cancel any courts if you find you can't play.   There is no cost for booking a court. 

When you arrive for your game please register on the console at the club to confirm the court booking when you arrive. The system notes those who have not registered. At present, there is no cost associated with not using a court. However please consider other members who might also want to play but can't because the courts have all been taken.  

Courts lighting meter costs for a 45 minute session is £5 (using £1 coins for 9 minutes each for a coin meter).


Visitors can occasionally play at the club if they play with a member. However this should not be more than 3 times a year and £3 fee is to be paid each time the visitor plays. In general we would prefer all players to be members. 


We would ask that visitors (and members) agree to the following requirements:

  • Court shoes must be clean indoor non-marking sports shoes (which are not used outdoors). 

  • Your behaviour in the club must be considerate and courteous to others in the club, and keeping the premises clean and tidy.

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