Coaching is continuing to be provided through the pandemic. However a maximum of 2 people only are allowed on court at present.

Whether you want to improve your squash technique or just get fitter, Hithercroft Squash Club has two coaches who can help you.

Individual squash training coaching sessions can be for individuals or two people who would like to train together. 

For fitness training there can be up to 6 people per session. 

Learn to play squash or just get fitter. Our coaches will help you achieve your goals.


Neil Thompson

Neil has coached for many years and is a Level 4 squash coach (South Africa). He specialises in fitness training using squash routines and aerobic classes and can be booked by members and non-members alike. He not only  trains squash players but triathletes, hockey players and anyone else seeking to get fitter. 

  • Individual sessions cost £15 and a joint session for 2 people costs £21.

  • Group fitness session are suspended for the duration of the pandemic.

For more information please contact Neil.

Neil is top left

Richard Kellagher

Richard is not only the chairman of the club but he is also a Level 1 coach through England Squash. He has DBS clearance and a safeguarding certificate.


He has played squash all his life and represents Oxfordshire in County Masters matches.

Richard offers squash training for beginners and intermediate players who want to try or improve their squash. He focuses on technique (striking the ball) as well as strategy in winning matches.  Coaching is provided for both adults and children.    

Sessions cost £20 (which includes the fee for the lights)

For more information please contact Richard.



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