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Whether you want to improve your squash technique or just get fitter, Hithercroft Squash Club has two coaches who can help you.

You can train individually or with another person for either fitness training or technique sessions.


Please note that coaching of juniors is not possible as neither coach have the appropriate safeguarding clearance.   

Learn to play squash or just get fitter. Our coaches will help you achieve your goals.


Neil Thompson

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Neil has coached for many years and is a Level 4 squash coach (South Africa). He specialises in fitness training using squash routines and also aerobic and weights classes. He not only  trains squash players, but also those from a range of other sports such as triathletes, hockey players who are seeking to get fitter. 

  • Individual sessions cost £15 and a joint session for 2 people costs £21.

  • Group fitness sessions depend on numbers attending.

For more information please contact Neil.

Neil is top left

Richard Kellagher

Richard is the chair of the club and an England Squash Level 1 coach.  He plays in the county leagues and at National Masters events.  

For those setting out on learning squash, or wanting to improve their game (including training for fitness), a set of sessions can be arranged to suit aspirations.   A block of 6 sessions is usually provided after which a break is usually taken to put what has been learnt into practice. One or two people can participate in the training sessions.  The six coaching sessions considers all aspects of stroke play as well as match tactics and movement on the court. 

Sessions (for 45 minutes) cost £21.  

For more information please contact Richard.

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