The club operates a membership year starting on 1st September.  On joining, your initial membership fee will be the appropriate fraction of the annual fee according to the number of full months left until 1st September.


We have two levels of membership:
•    Individual membership (various categories) 
•    Corporate membership (for staff of local companies)



Individual Membership


Membership type                             Cost



Single Adult 1                                      £90

Youth (Up to 18 yrs) 2                        £10       

Off peak / weekend 3                        £50

Joint Adult / Family  4                         £150

Associate                                           £50



Corporate Membership


Corporate membership is for companies in Wallingford wishing to join the club to allow their staff to take advantage of the opportunity to play squash. The organisation joins for a fee of £150 and then staff pay the appropriate individual fee.


Membership type                             Cost


Company fee                           £150

Corporate                                    £15

Corporate Plus                            £50

All membership includes affiliation to England Squash

Notes on Membership

​1. A Single Adult or Joint Adult membership discount of 20% applies to members of other Wallingford Sports Park clubs. This category is for full membership; playing at any time and playing in team matches.

2. Age/ student status (in full-time education) on 1st September at beginning of current membership year.

3. Entitles member to play weekdays at any time before 6:00pm and any time during the weekend. Not eligible to play for the Club in matches.

4. Both people / family must live at the same address.

5. Available to those who live more than 20 miles from the club (routed by google maps).  Associate members have the status of full members.

6. Corporate membership is provided to staff of companies at £150 per company. Corporate membership is £15 per person and members are entitled to play any time before 6:00pm. Corporate Plus membership is £50 per person and have full membership rights.



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